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Thunder Bomb

Full-throttle, thick-throated punk pop tunes. Lara Kiang has a great voice for these tunes, just think enough to hint at the melodies contained within the music. Did I mention that this stuff really moves?

That's really the key here. 6X doesn't try to dress up these three chord gems. Instead, it revels in the beauty of simplistic power. Without sounding like any other particular band. These folks have style.

Not to mention an impeccable ear. The MC5 cover is of "High School," a song which fits the 6X band sound perfectly. Let everyone else kick out the jams. 6X is gonna be original. Without sounding forced or stilted, of course.

A simple joy, to put this album in the plainest terms. 6X doesn't try to reinvent punk rock or even take it into strange waters. The band just finds a nice niche for itself and bashes away. Keep on bashing this way, won't you please

From Aiding and Abetting

Thunder Bomb

6X are one of those rare pop-rock groups that really deserve the term "infection." Truly joyous and engaging their power pop affects the listener definitively. They traded in shallow angst for witty cynicism and alt-rock guitar saturation for a clear, bold 70's-style rock combo production mix of separated drums, guitar, bass and vocals. Obvious influenced strongly by '70's and 80's radio, "I Feel Better" has Nikki and The Corvettes backing vocals and an opening from The Knack. "Attitude" smacks of Joe Jackson. Putting it all together they come with a great rock album that everyone that lived through the last two decades can relate to. Drummer Tim Johnston and vocalist Lara Kiang were formerly in pop-punk outfit 17 Years. (4)


The Star Bar (East Atlanta)
6X CD Release Party

Special Event
(404) 681-9018
Cost: Call for details
6X, Atlanta's favorite rockers, have recorded a new CD and they're going to celebrate with a hot, hot show at The Star Community Bar on Friday November 3rd. Copies of the new disc, THUNDER BOMB, will be on hand to touch or purchase.

THUNDER BOMB is the band's follow up to KUNG-POW! and is their second release on Daemon Records. Lara Kiang's "I told you so, sing-songy" attitude still reigns and Rob Gal's wailing guitar licks haven't gone anywhere either. Tim Johnson is on drums again and Kevin Rej provides big bass and big laughs. Kevin is also culprit to creating another signature 6X cover design, wait until you see it!

Punk rock in Atlanta is rarely better than a 6X show at The Star Bar. Maybe The Clash riot of 1979 comes close, but that's about it. And speaking of 1979, opening that gig will be a band who are supposed to come pretty close to an exact mimic of the Sex Pistols, minus the painfully sucky parts. They're called Pretty Vacant. Catfight's going to play too.


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