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6X is a musical group

6X is an Atlanta rock & roll band with Lara Kiang, Rob Gal, Kevin Rej, and Tim Johnston.

6X has two CDs: Kung Pow and Thunder Bomb that will rock you!

6X is not a fertiliser (English spelling)

6X -100% Organic Natural Fertiliser

For nearly 5 decades, gardeners have relied on organic 6X fibrous manure to produce magnificent gardens of all types of flowers, vegetables, fruit and lawns.

Its called 6X because its 6 to 8 times more concentrated, 6 to 8 times richer and much better value than even the best traditional manure products.

6X is not a very bitter ale

Wadworth and Company LTD. - Cool Website!!

Old independent Wiltshire brewer of traditional beers and long standing business partner of the 6X sites pubs and restaurants

Article by Andrew Jefford - UK Beer Writer of the Year

Do you know 6X, the pint from Devizes? Its blue pump clip is regularly seen among guest ales as a quiet but persistent bar contender.

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