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Is Lara in leather pants? Doesn't she usually perform wearing a sun dress?

-- 6X --

Starts the year off
at the Echo Lounge

Atlanta, Georgia
Friday January 26th, 2001

by Stefan
(All photos by Stefan)

Despite a huge article in the Creative Loafing encouraging people to see Posh Digs and Catfight! up the street (Even Kevin Rej went up there for a while) 6X still managed to fill the Echo Lounge for a most enjoyable show. Another handicap was Donkey Punch, from Athens, but that's my opinion and yours may vary.

Rob Lara

Set list

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CLICK ME, I'm smiling! Kevin Rej

Rob Gal Lara Kiang

The Echo Crowd

Lara said there would be CDs, socks, and underwear for sale after the show.

kevin's underwear Well Come On!!

Kevin shows-off the merchandise and waves good bye!

Once again I have to apologize to the quiet member of the band - Tim Johnston. While I really respect and appreciate his contribution to the great sound of the band, I can't seem to get any good pictures of him.
Sorry Tim.

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Feb. 1, 2001
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