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Star Bar - 6X, White Lights, Bleed

-- 6X --

plays the
Star Community Bar

Atlanta, Georgia
Friday Feb. 23rd, 2001

by Stefan
(All photos by Stefan)


The show opened with Bleed, a garage band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I know this because Bob Merkt, the lead singer, must have said it six times. Which was a shame because every time he reminded the crowd he was a damn Yankee they got really quiet and the room lost energy. Then Bob got upset because the crowd wasn't excited or participating.

Bob Merkt
Bob Merkt
Vocals, guitar
Bart Ferrara
Bart Ferrara
David Bauman
David Bauman
Bass, Vocals

And I say it's a shame, because they were really good. They were touring around the country pushing their new CD, Motor Psycho. I think they could really make a name for themselves. Of course it didn't help when Bob broke a string during the first song: switched to back-up guitar and the show continued. He asked someone from the audience to restring it and went on for a few songs. It was really professional and he didn't seem to be rattled by the incident. Towards the end of the set they started played some really Bluesy songs which were excellent.

On two occasion, Bob jumped from the stage, fell to his knees and played on the floor in the middle of the audience. For the finale, he climbed up on the bar and blasted his guitar while banging his head on the ceiling - What a nut!

White Lights

I was really surprised as White Lights took the stage. It's not often that you see a seven member band on the Star Bar's tiny stage. Even more surprising was the appearance of a xylophone, a violin, and even a electronic keyboard. The stage was crowded. They put on a very mellow, almost gothic, show that was really interesting. The show went really quickly and was over all too soon.

Keith Xenos - Bass   Sam Leyja - Keyboards Ana Balka - Violin Buffi Aguero - Guitar and Vocals
Clay Reed - Drums Johnny Vignault - Guitar Stuart Ellis - Vibraphonnete

I noticed several members of other local bands in the audience: members of the Woggles, Pinkeye, and the Stimulants to name a few: as well as a radio and newspaper people. I thought it was odd, but then I was told that White Lights is made up of people from several other local bands, so I guess that contributed to the strange mix.

-- 6X --

Finally, long after midnight, Lara Kiang, Kevin Rej, Rob Gal, and Tim Johnston took the stage. Lara brought out a little pink flower shaped guitar that I'd never seen before. But, since it wouldn't behave, I suspect it wasn't new.

6X Playlist

  1. Ice Cold
  2. Far Away
  3. Attitude
  4. High School
  5. Rock Out
  6. My Boat Baby
  7. What Can I Do?
  8. Lost Your Chance
  9. Ask Kevin About Love
  10. Tired
  11. Be My Baby
  12. Likes of You
Bonus request
  1. Wild Thing
6X on stage

6X played their usual great show. The crowd was pleased: you could tell by the screaming, dancing, and cheering throughout. 6X's unique blend of high-speed rock & roll and bubble gum punk had the full house and the Star Bar going wild.

Kevin Rej Lara Kiang Rob Gal
Tim Johnston Kev Tim

Lara called out for a beer and the stage was immediately filled with cups of Budweiser and shots (of Tequila?). There was so much alcohol on the stage that Lara's friends came up and had to help them drink it all.

Shortly into the set, Katy Graves, of Catfight! joined them on stage for several songs. She and Kevin seemed to be playing a game of "Let me play your bass" and several audience members joined in the game. Funny, his playing wasn't affected at all.

Katy Graves Katy and Kevin Katy and Kevin

Towards the end of the set, Lara called her Monkey on to the stage. She dared Jason to come up and play her cute pink guitar. He did and here is the picture to show all his friends.

Lara Monkey  - Rob holding his guitar UP!

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