Star Bar sign

-- 6X --

Thunder Bomb Release Party
at the Star Community Bar

Atlanta, Georgia
Friday November 3rd, 2000

by Stefan
(All photos by Stefan)

The Star Bar was packed Friday night as 500 people showed up early for a rockin' night of music. Although well know as a place where people show up after the opening act, the Star Bar customers broke tradition and overwhelmed the small L5P early to see this extraordinary show.

- - Pretty Vacant - -

Sid on vocals Guitar Bass Katy expresses her love

Pretty Vacant a Sex Pistols tribute band opened with amazing energy and easily won the audience over. As beer cans and plastic cups flew onto they stage, the band continued to scream out the hits. Just like the old days of the punk movement, people screamed and cursed the players as much as they cursed the audience. It was fun, but I think the band paid more for beer than they earned doing the gig.

- - Catfight! - -

Ann Jen Katy

Catfight! took the stage next, but Jen was forced to admit that Pretty Vacant was a tough act to follow. It was a happy and sad occasion for the band as they played their last show with drummer Ann Ciovacco. But they played their hearts out, through several sets of tears, and the audience didn't seem to mind when Jen knocked over the drum set as she gave Ann a parting hug. Katy invited her Mafia Boyfriend onto the stage as the highlight to their set. Nobody was convinced of her seriousness when Katy protested the gift of Tequila shots: which they quickly drank down.

Katy Jen Ann

- - 6X - -

Kevin Rej Tim Johnston Lara Rob Gal

At about 1am, 6X took the stage. Kevin Rej lead the assault and immediately drew attention in his wild leopard skin suit and Boa accessory. He was followed on stage by drummer Tim Johnston, singer Lara Kiang and guitarist Rob Gal.

Lara Kiang Tim Johnston

They opened with a crowd pleasing cover of Joan Jett's Bad Reputation. Then continued with several songs from the new CD, Thunder Bomb and others from their previous CD, Kung Pow.

Then they invited Catfight! back onto the stage to sing back-up vocals on their new song, High School.

After Catfight! left the stage a thick fog enveloped the stage and a strange apparition appeared. It was some sort of a blonde-haired Elvis or straight Liberacci, I'm not sure what. But he sang lead on the songs, How Soon Is Now and I Dig Chicks which drove the crowd wild. I tried to take more pictures, but the fog got too thick. Maybe John Cerreta has more information?


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