6X band member biographies

Kevin Rej

Kevin plays the bass guitar for the band 6X! He will jump when playing like a rocket! When not making his electric bass burn up for adoring young people with faces, Kevin is making art work having the beauty of delicate birds. The loud band The Mouthbreathers has Kevin playing electric guitar and singing. Kevin also with the Dead Elvis rocking band has entertained. Kevin has much joy as a silly penguin!

Rob Gal

His guitar is plugged in right away for loud noise! Fans looking up at him on the stage many times see his chin and nose. Rob has received money to rock with The Coolies in other decades. He has also recorded many exciting popular groups to put their music on compact discs. Rob has been delighted by many foods. Oh No! He will be crazy!
Lara Kiang
Lara is special vocalist of the band. She also plays the electric guitar. Many fans enjoy hearing her play and sing! She has a cat and likes its crazy playfulness. Lara has played many times with other music makers like the fast rock group 17 Years and the sexy group Hummer. In the years 1994 and 1995 the singer Lara Kiang co-produced and co-hosted the very excellent Georgia Music Show on the WRAS radio. Look out for Lara!
Tim Johnston
"Why is the beautiful man angry?" ask some young fanatics. He is not! He is playing the drums! When Tim is not on the stage under many hot lights, you might see him in his white car! A student of drumming for many years, Tim has rocked hard with bands 17 Years and Carmine. Also many young people in the world loved him in the band Kicker Boys. It is very hard to see his hands when he is playing like an explosion!
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