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Thunder Bomb was released in October 2000

Thunder Bomb


  1. Ice Cold
  2. Tired
  3. Smrt
  4. High School MP3 3:02 (1065K)
  5. What Can I Do? MP3 2:01 (1904K)
  6. Come On Down To My Boat
  7. Ask Me About Love
  8. Attitude
  9. Blue
  10. I Feel Better
  11. 666x

MP3 files and Real Audio streams available from Daemon Records

See pictures and read about the CD release party at the Star Community Bar on Friday November 3rd, 2000.

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Kung Pow (CD)

Kung Pow (CD)
  1. Rock Out
  2. Far Away
  3. Broken In
  4. Underground
  5. Bowling Baby
  6. Do As I Say
  7. Who Needs That?
  8. For Your Amusement
  9. Lost Your Chance
  10. Figure It Out
  11. Leaving You
  12. Beat You Up
  13. Be My Baby

  14. Bonus Track
    I Dig Chicks

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XX-Rated (7" Vinyl)

XX-Rated (7" Vinyl)

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