6X - live at the Star Bar  photo by Stefan

-- 6X --

at the Star Community Bar

Atlanta, Georgia
Saturday August 21th, 1999

by Stefan
(All photos by Stefan)

Technically, it was a terrible show: But 200 people never had more fun at the Star Community Bar. The Stimulants, 6X, and Catfight! almost maxxed out the capacity of the place for a rockin' night of music. Sure, they forget their lyrics, and the drum broke, and the tuner blew, and they often had to stop because they were laughing too hard, and we can't over look Lara bleeding from the head, but it was outstanding music and we were laughing right along with them! Wow, what a show!

First Up

The Stimulants started off the night at about 11pm. To describe them I'd ask you: What if a couple of Southern Belles went punk/grunge? Now if you like screaming and all that, followed by guitarists smashing their instruments or playing them off the sides of objects then you would have loved The Stimulants. You can read all about them their website: the Stimulant's Playground. They were very entertaining and stayed the whole night dancing and mingling with the crowd. The Stimulants are Susan Holbrook-drums, Sue B, lead vocals and guitar, and Jeana Nolen-bass

The Meat

CD cover - Kung Pow: from Daemon Records site

Playing second, the meat of the Rock & Roll sandwich, was the band I came to see: 6X. I think they're incredible: And I can't be too far off, because they are/were the featured band for Stomp and Stammer's August issue. I first saw them last year at The Point with the Mouth Breathers and fell in love. I saw them again at The Point for the Kung Pow CD release party. Everyone was nice enough to sign my CD. It was a great show.

This show was more of a party than usual. I don't know why, maybe it was the alcohol, but everyone was just being really happy and really silly. Of course that's usually a recipe for disaster and sure enough it happened. Right off the start, Kevin smacked Lara Kiang in the head with his guitar. But that didn't dampen the mood, it just made her more feisty, if that's possible. The show must go on!

She kept checking her forehead for blood and tormenting Kevin all night. Some others got into the act too. I suppose I was a witness to Rock-History. Lara kept pointing to her forehead, and others in the front row would imitate her until Kevin had to turn around in shame.

Kevin Rej

Typical for Kevin Rej he practiced thanking all those cities he hopes to play in someday. Thank-you Cleveland, etc... I'm not sure I get this joke, but I'm getting used to it and almost look forward to it each show.

He also wore his rock-star rose sun glasses, at 1am, and did all the show-off guitar moves and poses. I suppose I could have photo-documented that - maybe next time. If you're a big fan of his, drop me a note and maybe I'll show you a couple of other pix.

Kevin - strike a pose

Except for a slight concussion, Lara was having a wonderful time. She was singing loud and really driving the crowd into a frenzy. The members of Catfight! were in the front row with some of Lara's friends and were they having a party! Jumping around, singing along, bouncing up and down. The happiness was totally contagious. Have you seen her awesome tattoo?

I exchanged E-mail with Lara earlier in the week to make sure it was okay to take pictures. I also checked with Rob before the show. I guess she didn't mention it to anyone because her friend Kim asked me about it.

Lara up close

Rob Gal was having a little trouble with the heat. I thought he was going to drown us. Maybe that's why he wasn't having as much fun as the rest of us.

Rob and Lara Rockin' Out Rob almost happy

It's always hard to take a drummer's pictures because they're so far back and usually in the dark behind the drums. Here's my attempt at taking Tim Johnston's picture. Lara was surprised by the picture of him smiling. Hmmm...

Tim smiling Tim jamming Tim Johnston

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The Main Event

I've heard good things about Catfight! and after this show, I think I'm a fan. They had a serious amount of fun - maybe even too much. I know Jennifer was happy because of her new Gibson guitar, which is older than she is. I think the others were just plastered and happy to have gotten free T-shirts from the Turner Cartoon Network

Catfight! in action
Jennifer Kraft Ann Ciovacco Katy Graves Post show jubilation

Catfight! is: Jennifer Kraft-guitar, Ann Ciovacco-drums and Katy Graves-bass

Visit the Official Catfight! website

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Aug. 26th, 1999
By Stefan Oestreicher
Updated 26 Sept., 1999
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